Garment Care Guide

Garment Care Guide

A ‘Subtle Knotz’ garment is made with longevity in mind, but to ensure its preservation and enjoy it over several years we have put together some recommendations below, which work well for garments made from both wool and cotton.

Wash the garment by hand at a low temperature or dry clean it.

Turn the garment inside out before washing it and use sufficient water.

Use detergents or solvents without tetrachloroethylene, and that are made specially for the garment’s material composition. We recommend using organic, low-impact detergents.

Do not bleach.

Do not rub the garment while washing.

Do not soak it in water too long.

Rinse it gently and squeeze out water as gently as possible, do not wring.

Do not tumble dry.

Gently stretch or shake the garment into shape and then lay it flat to dry on a clean towel.

Do not hang it while drying.

Do not dry it under direct sunlight.

Once completely dry, store the garment by folding it rather than hanging it to prevent it from stretching out of shape.

When you wish to wear the garment, iron only if required, and at a low temperature, the maximum temperature being around 110°C or 230°F.

Always remember to wash the garment before you store it away for a particular season. In addition, moths and other pests can be kept at bay when you store your garment away by placing some cedar wood next to the garment, as its scent acts as a natural repellent. Alternatively, you can also place some dried lavender next to the garment.