When I was a baby, all my garments were hand-made by my grandmother, who is exceptionally skilled in knitting and crocheting. She created heirlooms which could be passed on from my generation to the next. Unfortunately, the baby clothes made by her were stored in an ancestral house and were destroyed by a white-ant infestation. My mum never took on the tradition of knitting due to a demanding career and bringing up me and my sister, although she is great at crocheting. And me being the third generation, never even bothered picking up knitting needles, given how digitalized and industrialized the world has become.

This made me realize how human connection was slowly declining. My grandmum, still healthy and now at a ripe old age of 80, still picks up knitting needles even though her eyes and hands hurt if she sits down to knit for an extended period of time, with the intention of knitting heirlooms for her great-grandkids. I personally feel my kids will be born in times, where the value for hand-made items and the need for human connection will be at its lowest, and this invokes nostalgia and takes me back to my childhood days where I would sit and watch my grandmum knit for me, now knowing that my kids may never be able to see that and experience that. As a tribute to my grandmum and the fond memories, it is my intention to bring back the slowly dying tradition of hand-knitting, as well as heartfelt human connection.

On the other hand, fast fashion has made so many of us be drawn to machine-made garments that are perfect in every way, but have lost their natural and human elements. It prevents us from embracing imperfections and genuineness. The beauty of a hand-knit garment is that each stitch is unique as each knitter has a unique style of knitting, so no two garments although the same style are truly the same. I am drawn to perfect imperfections, as they are a sign of human touch and life, which gives each garment its uniqueness and particularity. When you purchase something that is hand-made, you’re not just buying an object. It is the cohesion of skills, time, painstaking labour as well as elation. Someone has put their heart and soul into making something appealing for you. You’re not just buying something, you’re experiencing the culmination of heartfelt moments.

In addition, sustainable natural materials, animal welfare and empowering the less fortunate have always been something very close to my heart. So why not keep the hand-knitting tradition alive whilst implementing various subtle but effective choices to responsibly produce garments in order to reduce the negative impacts on the environment and simultaneously help support the hand-knit artisan community? All of this inspired me to found “Subtle Knotz”.

I am so pleased you’re here and hope that you join along on this journey.

Much Love,